How can I train the model on NimbleBox uninterruptedly?
Do you share my models, data, and code without informing me?
I am new to NimbleBox. Not sure which hardware to choose?
What are the IDEs available on NimbleBox?
Can I increase the auto-shutdown timer when the project is RUNNING?
Why are some of my storage already being used?
How can I upload a file on NimbleBox?
Can I backup my NimbleBox instance?
How can I restore an existing instance after I have made a backup?
What happens when I reset the environment. Is my data safe?
What can I do to monitor the amount of RAM I use?
What are Preemptible projects, and how are Preemptible projects different than dedicated projects?
How do I stop a project that is stuck in a staging state?
If I accidentally delete my project, can I retrieve it?

What is NimbleBox Free Tier, and How do I use it?
When will my free trial start?
Why was a half dollar deducted from my account when I signed up for NimbleBox?
Can I get a refund for the NimbleBox subscription I forgot to cancel?
How can I cancel my subscription?
Why am I billed for NimbleBox free trial?

What is the latest version of TensorFlow currently supported?
What are the packages that come with NimbleBox?
Are the packages persistent on NimbleBox?
How can I install any python library?
Why do I get kernel restarting issues on the build?
How can I know the path of the file inside NimbleBox?
What should I do when my NimbleBox environment is corrupted?

What is a nbox package and why should I install it?
Is Deploy on NimbleBox cloud-agnostic?
Which frameworks does NimbleBox deployment support?
What are the advantages of NimbleBox autoscaling?
What are the scaling rules for NimbleBox?
What happens when a deployment fails?
Where can I see my model logs?
How can I delete a deployment?
How can I get a new API key?
What is the use of the API key?
What is a pinned model?
How do I roll back a model?
I accidentally uploaded a model. What happens next?
How can I verify if my model is working?

What is a job?
What does a job run mean?
Where can I get the log for my run?
Where can I track the execution of my job?
Where can I find the history of my jobs?
How can I manually trigger a job?
What does pausing a job mean?

What are NimbleBox Workspaces?
What are the integrations available on NimbleBox Workspaces?
Why didn't I get a free trial for the second Workspace?
Is a WorkSpace owned by one person, or can it belong to several group members?
How to remove a user from the NimbleBox WorkSpaces?
What to do when the Owner has left the company without transferring ownership ?
I accidentally left the Workspace, and now I am denied access to it.

How can I provide feedback about the product on NimbleBox?
Can I contact NimbleBox support over the phone?
How can I contact support?
What kinds of issues are supported by NimbleBox?
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